Martin Loves Fruit! A five year old doing big things in Geelong.

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I came across Martin’s story in my social media recently. I was very impressed by what this Geelong based five year old is doing for the community.

So we are excited to share Martin’s story with you all…..

Martin’s Mum, Inger has been happy to help us in finding out more about Martin’s story…..

Inger explains that she is a private practice dietitian for children.  While working one day, Martin then age 3,  decided to use her market set-up to make some money. The only problem was that the market consisted of fake fruit and veggies. To Inger’s surprise, people were making u-turns and stopping. Inger and Martin quickly switched everything out for real fruit and veggies and Martin has continued his market ever since. Martin is turning 6 in December.


Martin has had his market set up most home Geelong Cats game days when 800-1000 people pass him as they walk down to/from the GMHBA Stadium. He has perfected his elevator pitch as he runs up to big groups of people and walks back towards his market. 

Martin’s market is available for donations or free. Only fruit and veggies are stocked.

Why Martin likes to be involved

Martin’s mum shared with us that Martin learned about the struggling farmers (age 4) in his kinder class and wanted to help. So he used his market on one of the Cats game days to raise $257. Luckily Coles was matching all donations at the time which made his total $514. His kinder had a strong focus on Positive Psychology, kindness and helping others which really rubbed off on Martin.  

Martin’s Fundraising Efforts

Backpack beds for the homeless and given out by the Barwon Child Youth Family. This fundraiser was matched by Buxton real-estate. He made approximately $1750 while $400 was our goal. It was a cold and rainy night as well. 

Geelong Mums – ‘Help the babies’- here there was $500 raised which was enough to provide four families with everything they needed when leaving hospital with their new baby.  

Martin is now focusing on raising funds for the homeless, They are just getting started but they support The Streets Barber who gives haircuts to people on the streets. Martin believes it’s important as people who are homeless also need to look and feel good if they want to get ahead. 

Fruit has been donated by The Village Store (Newtown, Victoria), East Fruit Market (East Geelong, Victoria), and recently Woolworths. How fantastic to see that Martin receives so much support from his local Geelong community.

Martin recently gave a talk to a kinder class and afterwards Martin said to his mum- “I want to do more speaking to kids as I think I can help them make a difference too… then together we can help more people”. This is so beautiful.

Mum, Inger is extremely supportive but describes herself as his assistant whereas Martin is the boss. She describes that her goal is to support him as he desperately wants to help others in need. 

He likes to dress up in business clothes and look nice when he is ‘working.’ Whenever he has meetings or sees the people at Buxton Real Estate (next door), they always have a tie and business cards so he wanted them too.

Geelong Living Plus is so happy to share Martin’s story!

What a great effort- well done Martin!

Martin has his own Facebook page- follow him here.

If you have a local story you would like us to share at Geelong Living Plus, email us here.

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